Monday, June 1, 2015

RenFest 2015

The Georgia Renaissance Festival has become a fun family tradition, and this year was no exception. By the way, did you know that this was their 30th anniversary season here in Georgia? I remembered going there in elementary and middle school but I didn't realize it had been around so long! School friends, do y'all remember making wax hands??

The girls were so excited this year and kept chattering about "the festival". We took a gamble on going right after lunchtime and staying through nap time. The girls did great, up until the end, and we stayed there longer than I ever would have guessed.

They were very proud of their princess costumes.

I was surprised and impressed when we walked in this year. It looked like they had put some good effort into giving the festival a bit of a facelift, or at least it did from what I remembered last year. Everything looked freshly painted and repaired, there were many more tables with umbrellas, and the costumes seemed more elaborate. It also seemed like there were more interactive costumed people walking around...the girls got a massive kick out of all of it.

Waiting their turn for the maypole

A video of the girls doing their maypole dance - it was so cute to watch all of the little kids doing it...for sure herding cats! Sorry if the viewing is wonky, I switched camera angles halfway through and it didn't automatically adjust.


Getting their fairy dust

The girls love getting their faces painted!





We even ran into Merida :-). Anna's dress is a Merida costume, for those of you not in the Disney loop.

Sweaty selfie while we're waiting for the joust to start. We normally go for their first weekend, so it was quite hotter than we are used to!!


We opted for the premium seating for the joust, and so we got to meet the Persian Princess and several of the knights. Anna told one of the knights that she wished she could have ridden the horses too, and they laughed and said they will have to talk to the king and queen about putting in a pony ride. So if y'all go next year and there is a pony ride, you can thank Anna.


The girls didn't mind the heat once they realized they were going to get ice cream!

This next weekend is the last weekend of this year's festival, so if you haven't taken your kids yet, we highly recommend it! And if you want to take them next year, keep an eye on the SweetJack daily deal emails. They ran several promotions this year with 50% off ticket prices, which always makes it a little easier to convince us to go!

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