Monday, June 29, 2015

Vacation Sensations Part 3

Flying their kite!

It was perfect kite weather. It was so windy that Anna even agreed to let me put her hair up - a rare occurrence!

The girls were delighted to meet a new little friend.

Lunch at Sharky's, on Ocean Isle.

Watching the fishing boats pull in



SuSu and Kristy and I went shopping to the big gift shop, Callahan's. This was Steve's present that we brought back (along with a t-shirt) - it says "Ring for Toilet Paper" and the girls quickly ran off with it. I was able to find some fun little games and toys for the girls, that I secreted away for our drive home.

SuSu's gift for Anna was a stuffed animal crab. Of course she grabbed the tongs and the pot and pretended to cook it. I laughed pretty hard when I saw this! There were many games of throwing the crab on the floor and shrieking that there was a crab on the loose!



There were SO many moments like this at the beach - these two really are best friends!

And yes, I need to include all of them.


When Maddie got a turn to hold the kite, she took off trying to chase the kite! And of course as fast as she could run, the kite was faster, so she was halfway down the beach before Steve caught up to her!

Last night of surf fishing. We also did a night of crab-hunting, where we took flashlights and walk up and down the beach chasing the little ghost crabs. I was impressed that both girls had no qualms about picking up those little crabs!!

This was such a fun and relaxing vacation - we had an amazing time and we wish we could have stayed a whole extra week! We'll see you again next year, Sunset!

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