Monday, August 10, 2015

A Couple of Beach Bums

SuSu very generously offered to come watch the girls so Steve and I could take a little trip together. I suggested we go down and visit the Seaside/30A area. I love those beaches so much and was excited to get to show Steve around!

SuSu showed up with "Camp SuSu" shirts for the girls

Top down, beach bound!


We got to Seaside right around noon, and since it was still packed with the lunch crowd, we sauntered into the Shrimp Shack for some drinks. The Shrimp Shack has a great pavilion that looks out onto the water, and we managed to snag the perfect table.


We weren't overly hungry so we decided to skip the restaurants and opted for grilled cheese sandwiches instead. 


The outdoor market at Seaside - Steve managed to find some barnacle shells for his fish tank! Now we're on the wait list for a barnacle blenny or two, at our local fish store

I don't even care that there are about 500 of these pictures on the blog, haha. A strawberry margarita on the beach is pretty close to perfection.

We actually rented a condo just down the road in Rosemary Beach (which you probably remember from my girls' trip there in May), but we spent most of the weekend in Seaside as that ended up being our clear favorite. We did try out some of the restaurants in Rosemary Beach and all of our beach pictures are there too. For reference, our favorite restaurant in Rosemary Beach, hands-down, was a little place called Wild Olives

We enjoyed mimosas on the beach one morning - one of Steve's excellent ideas

Steve realized he didn't have anything to do during beach time so I let him use my new Kindle and I found myself some reading material at the local bookstore.


The kids next to us built this sandcastle and we were impressed!

Lunch at the Great Southern Café

We had breakfast and lunch at a restaurant called Bud and Alley's - by far my favorite restaurant in Seaside. It's right on the beach and has awesome patios with perfect views of the Gulf. We got there so early on the day that we had breakfast, there was nobody on the beach and it was so serene feeling like we had the whole beach to ourselves.

The view from our lunch spot at Bud and Alley's

The girls were having fun with SuSu too - they discovered iMovie and sent us this funny film

We had such a good time - thank you SuSu! We came back rested and refreshed and are already plotting out the next beach adventure, but this time with the kiddos!

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