Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Party Girl!

Although I am usually against a birthday party, choosing to do a fun family day instead, I finally broke down and agreed to Anna's incessant pleadings to have a party. It was a lot of low-key fun with family and neighbors, and my efforts felt rewarded when Anna announced at 5:01 (the party started at 5:00) that "this is THE BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!"

I went with a Fall theme, gambling on the weather. I was thrilled when the stars aligned to have a dry yard, a cool evening, and a house full of friends even on a week night!


When you have a bunch of hungry kids coming over, you can never have enough desserts!

Playing in the backyard was the main activity of the night, but I also set up a pumpkin-decorating table with glitter glue, paint pens, and a million stickers. It was a huge hit, even with the older kids! I just hope the glitter and paint claims of being washable were true - sorry parents!!


Some of the nibbles, and we also ordered a stack of pizzas!


Anna's party favors - s'mores bags!


Auntie Ally and Cousin Danny were there, of course!

Emily and Rebecca stopped by to say happy birthday!

Grayson, Brooklyn, and Hudson

Bria, Austin, and Jake

All of the kids decorating their pumpkins! You can see Henry and Hollis in there with their pretty mom Elizabeth.

Birthday girl!




We waited until after everyone had gone home to unwrap presents, and Danny stayed to help!


We had a wonderful time at the party and with all of our friends - thank you everyone, for coming and celebrating our birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Anna!

Our beautiful girl turned FIVE years old last week and she has been so excited about it! Five seems SO old to me and I am amazed at how fast these years have flown by.




Anna is 43" tall and 40 lbs, and in mostly size 5 clothes. She loves to pick out her own outfits and comes up with some pretty interesting combinations!

Enjoying some treats at a neighborhood brunch



Her favorite activities right now are soccer, playing outside, and anything arts and crafts. She has also been majorly into dolls and her doll house - I moved it up to her room to free up space in the playroom, and I have to always check during nap time and bed time that she's sleeping and not playing with her dolls! Anna also picked up hair-braiding extremely quickly and loves to braid her dolls' hair.



Zombie or vampire? I can't decide!

Anna is in the early-5's pre-k program at her preschool and is loving it! Most of her friends from the 4's class have come back and she likes seeing the familiar faces, as well as her new friends. The teachers are working on sight words to gear up for learning to read, and Anna likes studying her homework books. She is always wanting to learn new things right now - I adore her inquisitive personality and I always try my best to take the time to explain things or to show her how things are done. Right now she is trying to tackle how to tie her shoes!

Princess super-heroes are a big thing around here these days.



After a bunch of reading and verbal work over the summer, Anna has "graduated" from her speech therapy at the elementary school. We took her speech therapist a thank-you note and flowers, and Anna insisted on carrying them to the classroom and giving them to her teacher.

The Jeep has been a popular activity recently, and they love it because they can usually rope some neighborhood kids into playing with them too!


Anna has developed such a hilarious personality and sense of humor. She has gotten into jokes lately, so I bought her a "first jokes" book that she frequently requests at bed time, and loves to make up jokes, most of which revolve around a squid walking through the neighborhood in his underpants.


We love our little five year old so much - happy birthday Princess Anna!