Monday, October 5, 2015

Hot Date!

I rarely post about a date night but I was especially excited for this one, and it was a big night for two tired parents!!

Steve is really into music and I tend to be stuck in my awesome 90's repertoire, so when he recommended that I listen to Fun., I added their album to my Spotify list. Their lead singer (Nate Ruess) came out with a solo album and I fell in love with it, so when he announced that he was going to come to Atlanta I begged our babysitter to come, and we booked our tickets.


We started out at a restaurant called King & Duke, which is right near the Buckhead Theater. Steve had been there before, and we had fun sampling the cocktail menu.


The Buckhead Theater was such a great venue, and it wasn't totally packed, which is always appreciated! Nate played all the best songs and even came out with a double encore.



I had been a little bummed that we hadn't been closer, but on our way back to the parking deck, I saw people walking back behind the building, and roped Steve into going too. Sure enough, everyone was there to meet him, so we stayed too and got to take a picture! I told him about how Anna loves his song "Carry On", and he joked that we should bring her next time, but with some big ear muffs. And he said he wasn't sure if he was going to be at Bonnaroo next year, so sorry for that news, Steve.


We got home super late and had a sluggish day the next day - late nights are not a normal thing for us at all but this one was definitely worth it!

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