Monday, October 5, 2015

Maddie's Room Makeover!

When we moved Anna into her new big girl room, Maddie moved into the nursery, and as she got older, the room slowly got deconstructed down to a bed, a dresser, and a bunch of holes in the wall. I kept feeling bad for my poor second child, and finally I got it pushed to the top of our to-do list. 


It actually took very little time once I got the picture in my head and Steve patched the walls up for me.


I also had it in mind that I wanted to try to use as many things that I already had, and spend as little as I could to get it finished and pretty and fit for a princess. 


The paper lanterns were pulled from my party bins. My fabric stash was raided for the polka dot decorations, and I recycled the pink bunting that I had made earlier this year to hang over her bed.



The polka dots ended up being a really fun project - I went to Michael's and bought an armful of their wooden embroidery hoops in various sizes. It took me about 10 minutes to paint them all white, and then I experimented with different fabrics and layouts to get the looks that I wanted. Once I had everything picked out, I just had to tighten the fabric inside of the hoop and then hot glue the edges to the inside of the hoop. 



The costume rack and bin were moved from the other side of the room to the more prominent spot. The shelf was gifted to us by a neighbor a few months ago, and the drawers hold various girly things like hair bows. The storage tote at the bottom holds all of the costume accessories, like tiaras and magic wands and shoes.



This was an "All About Me" poster that Maddie had for school last year and she is very proud of it, so we made sure to keep it up.


In the end, all I had to purchase were the embroidery hoops and the extra storage tote, which holds stuffed animals. Maddie adores her room (and so do I!) - I am so glad that my girl finally has a pretty room to call her own!

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