Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gobble Gobble! Part 1

We got ambitious this year for Thanksgiving and decided to do a whirlwind visit to Raleigh as well as spending the holiday in Charleston. Why did we decide to spend so much time in the car? I don't know. But we certainly enjoyed getting to see so much family (and apologies to everyone we didn't get a chance to see - I promise we were only there for about a day and a half! We'll come back soon!).

The girls got a kick out of getting to stay in a hotel. The hotel had a restaurant at the very top of the building and they loved getting to eat breakfast up there.

We took the girls on a little walk around N.C. State's campus - Steve's old stomping grounds for his master's program. It was pretty chilly so we stopped and got the girls hot chocolate, which is one of their favorite treats. You should have seen their faces when the barista asked if they wanted whipped cream AND marshmallows!


A funny note about Anna's sunglasses - I was scheduled for Lasik surgery the week after Thanksgiving, so I had to wear my glasses for a couple of weeks, including during our Thanksgiving trip. Anna wanted to be like me and so she insisted on wearing these glasses everywhere so "she could see"!

We attempted to eat at a local place for dinner and based on the website, we went to a place that we thought was a better version of Chuck E. Cheese. Well, it was...but it was also very much a bar and not at all a family-friendly restaurant. We were pretty much the only people in there though so we just rolled with it, and the kids had fun. So eh. Parenting win?

Steve's aunt Mary came by the hotel for a drink, and we got the chance to catch up while the girls ate some dessert.

We spent most of our time at Steve's grandparents' house. He got to spend a lot of time with them while he was at N.C. State and he always loves getting the chance to go back and see them again.

The kids adored their dog, Daisy. She was a big source of amusement the whole time we were there!

Joan also has a bunch of bird feeders, and Maddie loved seeing all of the feathered friends. Especially once she spotted the binoculars!


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