Sunday, July 24, 2016

All About Anna

I know Anna Banana is due for an update post too, but I have to apologize in advance if any of these are repeat pictures. Mommy brain, it's a real thing!!

Anna is almost 6 years old, and is a bundle of energy. She is thrilled to be getting ready to go to Kindergarten (2 more weeks!), and impresses us every day with her new discoveries and mastered skills.


She is always game to run outside and play with her sister and her friends, and she has no problem at all making new friends on the playground. Steve brought home a basketball hoop one day and she loves playing basketball with him!


Giving Maddie and Avery a ride around the cul-de-sac

at the dentist!

Our Anna Banana has been increasingly imaginative and artistic. She is constantly bringing us artwork and letters, many of which are proudly displayed on our fridge and on my desk - and some that are definitely in the to-be-framed pile. She has also started making paper dolls, which she likes to tape to the windows. She is very assertive and confident and opinionated - sometimes we butt heads and get in arguments, but I do encourage her to be a leader, and to handle things on her own. She enjoys being independent and outspoken enough to order their cake pops at Starbucks all by herself, and she always remembers to say "Please" and "Thank you!" to the barista.

Anna playing with her friend Bronwyn


After several months of working on sight words at Pre-K and here at home, Anna is a fantastic reader and loves taking over bedtime books. I was highly impressed when I checked out a whole bag of books from the library, and she picked them up and read all of them, with only a little help on the bigger words. What a smartie!!

Both girls are obsessed with babies. Luckily there are a few around the neighborhood that they get to play with!

Puzzles are one of her favorite things to do, and she is impressively good at putting them together!



Anna is so curious about the world around her, and she loves tagging along with me and learning how to do new things. She loves going grocery shopping with me and learning how to pick out the best fruits and veggies, and how to clean around the house (her favorite is cleaning the windows), and how to make things work. She is always asking questions and asking me to explain things to her. She has learned our phone numbers, she knows how to work the XBox to get her Kinect games and Netflix going, and she knows how to clean her room and how to sort laundry. She always has me help her make out her own grocery and to-do lists, and makes a big show out of checking off the items. Anna is definitely my shadow buddy around the house, and always wants to hang out with me, no matter what I'm doing.

The girls love having tea parties!

Anna has also really started getting into the big doll house that we bought her for one of her birthdays. We've given her several of the Disney Barbie dolls along with the original dolls I bought for her, and she loves dressing them up and changing their outfits. She's also impressively talented with braiding their hair!


The other toys that she is currently obsessed with are Shopkins - I'm sure other preschool moms can sympathize! We've turned this into a good teaching opportunity - she seemed to really connect the dots a couple of months ago about saving money in her piggy bank, so we've been encouraging her to earn money and to save them up to buy her own Shopkins. The system we've come up with is that once her room is clean, she can earn a quarter for each chore on a short list. She was SO proud to get to take her savings to the store and buy her very first Shopkins set! She's currently saving up for her next sets, and is even trying to rope Maddie into combining their savings to purchase a bigger set.


I don't know if this video will work, but this Spring she mastered the monkey bars for the first time, and now those are the first things she runs to when we get to the park!



Anna has moved into size 6 clothes and has had so much fun helping me build her a new wardrobe - we've been taking our time with it just to figure out the new sizing and only adding what she needs at the time. I'm planning to take her for a big shopping trip once the weather cools off, and I know she will get a big kick out of that.


We love this sweet, spunky girl - and we already know that her sixth year is going to be an exciting adventure!

Hoppy Easter!

Easter is always a fun holiday here at the Forbes household. We aren't religious so we celebrate as a welcome to Spring, and a special day together. It also falls RIGHT before the tax deadline, so it's always a low-key day for us.

The neighborhood Easter egg hunt

Poppy and SuSu sent some Easter presents!

The Easter bunny hid Anna's basket in the downstairs bathroom, and she only needed a couple of hints to find it. She got a Super Girl doll, a set of PJ Masks, a color-a-city kit, some Kindergarten workbooks, some little garden tools, and a body art kit.

Maddie found her basket inside the playhouse. She also got a PJ mask, as well as a Pre-K workbook, a mermaid doll, some Daniel Tiger books, a little play-dough set, and some sticker earrings - her favorite!

And chocolate bunnies too, of course!

The bunny also brought Steve an erector set as something fun he could do with the kids. Anna helped him build a catapult!

We were glad the Easter bunny brought crafts and toys - the day was gray and dreary and we spent the whole day inside while Steve worked. Their baskets gave them plenty of fun things to rotate through during the day.

The Pez candy dispensers were a big hit.

Getting decorated with some tattoos

The girls helped me bake and decorate a carrot bundt cake.

Maddie helped color some of Anna's city.

Our neighbors brought over some treats and the girls were thrilled to be able to use their ballerina decorations.

I decided to make a special Easter dinner so I made ham, green bean casserole, pasta, and peas. And we ate in the dining room, just to make it super special - the girls are always delighted when we eat there!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

Soccer Star - Spring 2016 Season

Anna told us that she wanted to do another season of soccer, so we signed her up through the YMCA again. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that a neighbor had volunteered as coach, and I signed up to be the team parent.



She loves those pink cleats!



We would bring an umbrella for shade on the hot days and Maddie would entertain herself with it. Tut tut, looks like rain!



The kids would run through the "tunnel" after every game - which they all got excited about!


Mother's Day 2016!

The girls' preschool hosted their annual Mother's Day luncheon, so of course I attended. Nothing is sweeter than seeing their little faces light up when they spot me in the crowd!





These "fill in the blank" questionnaires always make me laugh!

We didn't do anything big for actual Mother's Day - I held to my normal tradition of wanting to spend a special day with my family, so we spent the morning at Six Flags, and then I spent the afternoon in the hammock drinking a margarita! We finished the day with a cook-out, and it was a perfect day :-).

Picture Post!

As I was digging through my photo albums for the last few months for pictures of Maddie, I found way too many cute pics of the girls that just had to be shared! Enjoy!

Testing out the neighbors' new zip line!

Pizza pro Anna

Cousin Danny came over for a play date

Anna showing off a school project, and Maddie enjoying a strawberry


Steve was on a hiking trip so I surprised the girls with breakfast for dinner. Saying they were thrilled is an understatement!!



Anna's on a big superhero kick right now so she insisted on wearing her mask to the park.

I enrolled the girls in a gymnastics/ballet combo class, and they loved it!

Showing off her ribbon

Doing gymnastics on the living room table - it was so cute that I had to take a picture before I told her to get off of the furniture, haha.

Watching for the school kids to walk down the street.


One of our garden harvests -we had great luck with the raspberries and the tomatoes!

Anna got a new bike and we are gearing up to try taking her training wheels off!

At Mellow Mushroom, one of our favorite dinner spots

Celebrating Steve's birthday - the big 32!