Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Pinto Family Christmas Brunch!

We invited my sister and Tulio and Danny over for our annual Christmas brunch and gift exchange. It was a good idea to do it after Christmas, because it was a fun thing to look forward to, after the rush of the holidays. And of course we all love getting to see Allyson and her family!

Danny stepped in as the role of Santa and passed out all of the presents. Or opened them himself, depending on how he felt!


Anna was thrilled with her new bow and arrows!

This is Danny opening one of Allyson's presents, haha. What a helper!



Cutie cousins!

Anna ran up to change into her Merida costume, to go along with her new bow.


The Anki race cars got put through their paces.

The Incredible Hulk even made an appearance!


I've discovered that selfies are pretty much the only way to get 3 year olds to look at the camera and smile.


What better way to end a fun morning than with a good old-fashioned dog pile??


Early in December, I took the much-talked-about plunge and got LASIK surgery. I had broached the subject with Steve a month or two earlier, since my contacts had become so uncomfortable to wear, and I loathed having to wear my glasses all of the time. He surprised me by being supportive of it, and he even said he was surprised I hadn't done it earlier.

I went with my optometrist's recommendation and was greatly impressed with Dr. Woolfson, of the Woolfson Eye Institute. Their initial exams and pre-qualifying tests were very comprehensive, and their pricing was right in line with what Google told me was the average price (I paid $3,800, which included all of the pre-testing and exams, the actual surgery on both eyes, and the post-surgery checkups for the next year).

The day of the surgery, I had to get there at 7:00 a.m., and got increasingly nervous. They do one final check of the eye pressure, etc., and then everyone waits in a room together, assembly-line style. The nurse went over a TON of info for the post-op recovery period, and I'm glad I took notes because it was a lot to remember. 

The surgery itself was beyond surreal. They put numbing drops in your eye but you can still see them doing everything, like lifting the flap of your eye and the laser. I had a much harder time dealing with the second eye, which was my weaker one and therefore took a little longer. I wish they had started with that one, before I knew what was going to happen!! The doctor moves very quickly before the eyes lose too much moisture, but it sure felt a lot longer when you're sitting in the chair staring at the laser!

After the surgery, you stay for about a half-hour to make sure everything's okay, and an optometrist looks at your eyes to make sure everything looks okay. While I was waiting for the optometrist, I had a mild panic attack because I couldn't keep my eyes open, and had to excuse myself to the restroom to pull myself together!! Everything looked great though, and the doctor assured me everything was normal.

The doctors gave me two medicines, Ativan and Phenergan, because they wanted me to sleep essentially the rest of the day. I had to continue with steroid eye drops and antibiotic eye drops for several days afterward, and slept with a plastic mask over my eyes for several days. 

Did it work? I was dumbfounded that I could see better that very night, and even better the next day. I had to use moisture drops pretty often for a few weeks, and I had night glares for a little while, but everything is totally normal now, and I have better than 20/20 vision - something I never thought I would hear in my life! Even a month later, I still find myself marveling at how well I can see things like tree leaves, or the deer in the backyard, or street signs. 

In short, if you are thinking about getting LASIK, I vote do it :-). And I do highly recommend Dr. Woolfson, if you're in the Atlanta area!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Christmas Crew!

The Forbes clan came for Christmas again this year and we all had a blast! The family is pretty scattered these days (Charleston, Nashville, and Chicago!) so it's always extra fun when everyone can get together.

Making ugly Christmas sweaters

The fellas

The lovely ladies

We wore our Christmas sweaters out to the first event of the annual Tinsel Tournament - the Chuck E. Cheese ticket competition. We also learned that if you wear a Christmas sweater to Chuck E. Cheese they give you free tickets, so there you go.


We surprised everyone with a pajama party - complete with everyone getting some holiday PJs ,and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Leaving Santa some milk and cookies! And carrots for the reindeer, of course.

Christmas morning!

Anna was delighted with one of Santa's surprises - her very own guitar!

And Maddie got her bike!




This is the cutest little costume - Maddie calls it her Sugar Plum Fairy dress



We got this really cool race car game called Anki Overdrive - it's been a lot of fun to play, even for the adults.

Gingerbread house decorating contest - Tinsel Tournament event #3 (event #2 was bowling but I stayed home to get some of the Christmas dinner prepped).

Poppy and Susu's gingerbread outhouse.

Steve and Brad's gingerbread stable

Kristy and Alex's gingerbread hobbit hole

Sarah and Anna's candy masterpiece. Anna was so proud of it!

Poppy and SuSu were the Tinsel Tournament champions!

Anna had not stopped talking about playing guitar with Poppy and Daddy since our Charleston trip.


Our bartenders for the evening

The "big kids" finished off the Christmas extravaganza with a night out to Six Flags. Our wonderful babysitter Janie came for a long evening, and we went to enjoy their holiday lights and roller coasters.

I have more holiday pictures coming up, randoms from December, and some ADORABLE pictures from our Christmas brunch with my sister and her family!

Picture Post!

Playing soccer at the park - Anna's favorite thing to do!

Having a "puppy contest" at their friend Brooklyn's birthday party. Whoever could eat their treats the fastest without using their hands won, and it's become a favorite game here at home with the girls.

The girls with their friend Jake, at Catch Air, where we were celebrating their friend Avery's birthday.



At Snow Mountain, in Stone Mountain Park


Anna and Steve went off to play on the big tube slides so Maddie and I ventured into the little kids' snow area.



Maddie loves taking selfies and this was too cute not to keep!