Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Cuties!

Another Christmas season has come and gone and boy, did we have fun!

The girls had their Christmas play at school and we were so proud that Anna was chosen for a speaking part. Although we were sad that we missed her line on the video camera- her line ("Do you see what I see? Way up in the sky?") was literally the first thing in the play!!

Anna was the Night Wind, and Maddie was a shepherd.




Anna and Maddie are in LOVE with these dresses - both of their teachers requested that they wear dark clothes to go under their costume tunics, so I picked these up at Target. They've been worn at least three times a week since that play - it's about all I can do to wash them!!

The girls were very interested in meeting Santa this year. Even though they were awestruck, they still managed to tell him what they wanted for Christmas! Maddie asked for a new bike, and Anna asked for a makeup set and a CD player.

Up next are some pictures from the Christmas celebrations - what a merry season!

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