Saturday, January 21, 2017

Disney Days! Part 2

Maddie and I had breakfast in front of the castle one morning, while Anna and Daddy hightailed it over to Space Mountain. Both girls are total roller coaster nuts now, and they were both able to add some next-level coasters to their repertoires now that they've grown taller.

Maddie and Steve on Thunder Mountain. We had to put our arm around her on most of the bigger rides just so she wouldn't get knocked around too much, but she loved every second of them and squealed the entire way through.

Both girls also loved the spraying elephants in the circus area, at Magic Kingdom. They both got soaking wet!

I don't know who came up with this game, but Steve would fill up his hat with water and put it right on his head. Maddie thought it was hilarious! By the way, that's his new hat that he had to buy down at Disney, because he managed to lose his first hat on Splash Mountain!!

At the Muppets show, at Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Studios is my least favorite park, but the girls do like Muppets, Tower of Terror, and the Star Wars ride. And Toy Story, the one time we could get on it :-).

One morning we were able to get to Animal Kingdom (my favorite park) right as it opened, and Steve and Anna dashed to Everest. Maddie and I set out in search of coffee but ran across Mickey and Minnie instead.


The whole family likes the Fossil Fun midway at Animal Kingdom. Especially when we win!

The morning that we woke up to go to Animal Kingdom, the illness that had been creeping up on Steve hit him full force, and he ended up staying back at the hotel to sleep. So I braved the park with the girls, and they seriously couldn't have done better. I was so impressed with them and told them how proud I was of them!

At the Animal Kingdom playground. There was something wrong with the slide, and an employee told the kids that a dinosaur had laid an egg on it and it was about to hatch, so nobody could go on the slide. We heard about that damn egg the whole rest of the trip!

On to Part 3!

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