Cleaning Schedule

I know everyone's house is different but here is my cleaning schedule. I do my best to stick to it so that if I get super busy one or two days, I know exactly what I need to do to catch up. 
I really try my best to get everything done before the weekend so that I can maximize time with the hubby and baby during those days. The nice thing too about having a schedule is that I don't feel like I have to be constantly cleaning...I get my job done for the day and then I can relax or go to the park or hang out with friends without feeling guilty.

I also try to load up as much as I can on Mondays. I rarely have anything social going on Mondays and it's nice to get a little bit ahead for the rest of the week!

Daily Cleaning List
Empty sink of dishes
Wipe down counters
At least one load of laundry
Sweep main floors
Dust main areas

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Monday: Wash bedding, Kitchen, Downstairs floors
Tuesday: Bathrooms, Wash towels, Upstairs floors
Wednesday: Living areas

Thursday: Baby laundry, Nursery, Toys
Friday: Bedrooms
Saturday: Catch up, Exercise room
Sunday: Off